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Refund Options

AQ TAX offers quality service at affordable prices! We utilize refund advantage to provide you with a easy way to pay your preparer with no out of pocket expense, however, you do have the option to pay out of pocket and submit via IRS eliminating the $39.95 e-file fee and $19.95 technology fee charged to submit your return. Choose from three different options to receive your refund. Loans are also available to those who are in need of funds now! Please check out our fees tab to see a break down of your bill.

Direct Deposit

Choose to have your funds directly deposited into the account of your choice. Simply provide your routing and account number to get started.


This option affords you the convenience of having a check printed in our office so you can come pick it up at your leisure. In the event you are unable to pick up your check we will deliver it to you at a fee of $20.

PrePaid Card

Don't have a bank account? Prefer a faster way to use your funds? Have your refund loaded onto a prepaid debit card and save time and money. Its free convenient and easy to access with low fee charges.


Get the refund advantage by opting to use their bank options to receive your refund. Refund Advantage offers a safe and convenient way to pay your tax preparer and receive your refund without paying upfront or acquiring an out of pocket expense .


You have the option to submit your return via IRS with the same options to receive your refund (check, direct deposit). Refunds will take the same amount of time to process, however, fees are due at the time of service and your return will not be submitted until fee is paid. With this option the $39.95 bank fee and the $19.95 technology fee is eliminated and you only have half of the $88 Filing fee added to your balance.

Fast Money Card

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