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Here's the Breakdown of your Bill

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Additional Fees

Schedule C: $25

Schedule E: $25

Schedule A: $25

Prior Year Return: $100

Amended Return: $95

Paper Returns: $95

State Filing Fee: $12

Late Fee: $25


Basic Fees

IRS vs Bank Option

You have the option to submit via IRS and pay less. If you choose this option, your fees will be due at the time of service. Please click the tab above to see the breakdown.

Bank Option

(no out-of-pocket expense)

No out-of-pocket expense. All fees are withheld from your refund.  Special rates and promotions will reduce the amount due. Check out our discount page! 


39.95 Bank Fee

19.95 Technology Fee

50.00 Filing Fee


Total Fees: $109.90

IRS Option

(fees are due upfront)

Your preparer fee is due up front before your return can be filed. There are no additional fees added to this option. Payment options include cash, cash app and paypal. No checks.

Other Services

Mail copies of your return: $5

Electronic Copy of your return: Free

Audit support: $25

IRS Balance Due

In the event you have a balance due to the IRS, fees are due at the time of service via cash app.


In the event your refund is held due to a previous debt owed, fees will be due up front via cash.

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