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Here's the Breakdown of your Bill

Spend Less than $300 for most returns!

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Basic Fees

Filing Fee:

The filing fee is a fee charged to tax preparers to e-file your return


Based on the information you provide, we will determine which form is needed to file for your specific return. Most use form 1040.

Bank Fees:

Most banks charge a fee to process your e-filed refund.

Other Fees:

Based on the complexity of your return, you may acquire additional charges. 

IRS vs Refund Advantage

You have the option to submit via IRS and pay less. If you choose this option,your fees will be due at the time of service. Please click the tab above to see the breakdown.

Refund Advantage - What You Spend (no out-of-pocket expense)

$332.90 on average - plus additional charges required for your return (additional fees may not be required). No out-of-pocket expense. All fees are withheld from your refund. Special rates and promotions will reduce the amount due. Check out our discount page!

IRS - What You Spend (fees are due upfront)

$175.00- plus any additional fees required for your return (additional fees may not be required). Pay only half of the required filing fee with this option. Fee is due up front before your return can be filed. Payment options include cash, cash app and paypal. No checks.

IRS Balance Due

In the event you have a balance due to the IRS, fees are due at the time of service via cash app.


In the event your refund is held due to a previous debt owed, fees will be due up front via cash.

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